Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From Our President

Thanks for allowing me to be your President for two terms.
I am a charter member which means I have been with you for 35 years.
Back then I was new to Puyallup, and a new bride.
My wedding gown came on the plane with me from Clearwater, Florida in October 1972.
My first satellite in Puyallup was Eliza Jane Stitchers. I cherish fond memories of each person who attended that group.
About five years ago, I participated in a neighborhood “kids” reunion. I was raised in Boise Idaho. My “first love” asked me if I still did handwork.
My neighbor lady taught me to crochet in the fourth grade. In those days, the stores used string to tie packages. So I used store string to learn how to crochet.
I wrote to that “first love” Christmas 2008, and said, “I find it hard to believe I used to chase you around as a kid, and now you are collecting Social Security, me too”.
I did not work out of the home until my son was a senior in high school. I worked in my church office as secretary to the Pastor. The term now is Administrative Assistant. For a long time I felt it was the best job anyone could have.
My first grandchild arrived and I quit my job so I could be available for my daughter. I went to my first clown convention that year. So the space that used to be my stitchery studio is shared with clown magic and balloons, etc.
I have asked the charter members to write a short paragraph over these last two years; some have and some haven’t yet. Not an easy task, I suppose. I count it a pleasure getting to know all the ladies who have been associated with Needle Arts Guild, except for one maybe. I have learned so much and continue to experience new stitchery friends and techniques. I trust you feel the same way.
I am most pleased to have Sharon Clowers come on board as your next President. Give her your
support and say yes when she asks you to do a task for the good of the Guild.

Very Sincerely,
With Grinz and Giggles,
Pennie Smith ~<:O)

Slate of Officers for 2009/2010

President Sharon Clowers
Vice Pres. Nancy Stephens
Treasurer Kathleen Gibson
Secretary not filled at this writing

Are you willing to volunteer your time to NAGOPS? It isn’t hard, and we have wonderful women to work with.
Give Sharon a call and let her know what you are willing to do.

Education Reminder

You are still invited to participate in a class of your choice with a shop whose advertisement is found in our newsletter. This offer ends the last day of May 2009.
You may receive a $10 rebate from our treasury with the submission of receipt. Take advantage of this offer while it is still available.

Flowers of Spring

This morning when I went to the kitchen, the shade was up and the sun was shining brightly through the window. I first noticed the dirty window, so I pulled the shade down. My thoughts went to the fact that we get sun every other day here lately.

Next thoughts of the first flowers of Spring, which give great expectations for the coming season. Hollyhocks grow so tall and stately, did you ever make a doll from the blossoms? A full bloom would be the skirt and the bud would be the body. (The seed pod is more dolls next year).

The hardy fuchsia, which comes back out of the ground every year, brings the hummingbirds. Embroider a hollyhock this year along with a silk ribbon fuchsia and a hummingbird.

With Grinz and Giggles and Miles of Smiles.
Pennie aka Melon-E the Clown

Dues are Due!

Please send dues in separately from the June Luncheon fee. Send your dues to Leslie and your luncheon fee to Kathleen.
Please notice the little added statement at the bottom of the membership form. We are looking forward to accomplishing even more this coming year than we did last year; after all it is our 35th anniversary! If you have already sent in your membership and would like to add your name to this list, just give Pennie or Pat a call or email and then next June we will ask how many followed through. Perhaps you could bring your finished project to the June luncheon and we can show them off.